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Transforming from Student to CEO: The Power of GCTC Training

Transforming from Student to CEO: The Power of GCTC Training

Magha Blessing’s journey from being a student to becoming a successful CEO is a testament to the transformative power of GCTC (Giddis Computer Training Center). In this article, we will explore Magha’s experience at GCTC, the skills acquired, and how they utilized their training to establish their own business. Join us as we delve into the impact of GCTC in shaping Magha’s professional journey.

A Comprehensive Training Experience
Enrolling in the department of Secretarial Duties, Office Administration, and Management at GCTC, Magha was initially unaware of the intensive and demanding nature of the program. However, they soon discovered that the training extended beyond office work. GCTC provided them with a comprehensive education that included basic design skills. Magha learned to design various materials such as flyers, business cards, and logos, gaining proficiency in graphic design.

Empowering Entrepreneurship
Equipped with their newfound design skills and knowledge of software applications like Publisher and Excel, Magha decided to start their own business called BLESSINGS CAKES AND PASTRIES. With the ability to create designs effortlessly and manage their finances using Excel, they no longer needed to rely on external designers or accountants. GCTC played a crucial role in empowering Magha to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur.

Chapter 3: Leadership Skills and Personal Growth
As a school delegate during their time at GCTC, Magha had the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills. This experience provided them with the confidence to exhibit strong leadership qualities within their business. GCTC’s unique training approach cultivated not only technical skills but also personal growth and the ability to thrive in a professional setting.

The Unparalleled GCTC Experience
Magha’s sincere gratitude towards GCTC stems from the institution’s ability to impart skills that even a master’s degree couldn’t provide. GCTC stands out as a training center like no other, offering a diverse range of courses and ensuring students receive quality education. Magha proudly pledges their loyalty to GCTC and acknowledges the institute’s instrumental role in their success.

Magha’s inspiring journey from student to CEO showcases the immense impact of GCTC’s training programs. The comprehensive curriculum, which goes beyond traditional office skills, equips students with practical knowledge and empowers them to excel in their chosen fields. With GCTC’s guidance, Magha transformed their passion for design into a successful business venture. The reopening of GCTC’s upcoming session presents an opportunity for others to embark on their own transformative journey. Sign up now and experience the exceptional training that GCTC offers.

By Magha Blessing

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