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GCTC, a renowned institution known for its commitment to providing quality training and producing outstanding graduates who are readily employed in the job market

Love At First Sightโ€ฆ.๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

Hailing from the grass field in the beautiful NW Region of Cameroon, there resides a young lady whose passion, energy, and brilliance are second to none. Her name is Lendzele Verina, and she proudly identifies herself as a native of NSO, a vibrant community known for its rich cultural heritage.

Verina recounts her story with a sparkle in her eyes. It all began on a fateful morning when she stepped into the office of the esteemed Manager at Giddis Computer Training Center (GCTC).

Having embarked on a relentless search for a suitable place to study Information Technology (IT), Verina stumbled upon GCTC, a renowned institution known for its commitment to providing quality training and producing outstanding graduates who are readily employed in the job market. Intrigued by the institution’s reputation, Verina wasted no time in enrolling herself.

For nine months, Verina immersed herself in intensive training, honing her skills and expanding her knowledge in the field of IT. The journey was not without challenges, but Verina’s determination and unwavering focus propelled her forward. Following the completion of her training, she embarked on an enriching internship experience, putting her newly acquired skills into practice.

The moment of truth arrived as the long-awaited exams approached. Verina, driven by her passion and dedication, emerged as the overall best student from her department. This remarkable achievement was just the beginning of a series of accolades that awaited her. During the graduation ceremony, Verina proudly received two awards, one for being the overall best student in Secretarial Duties and the other for her outstanding conduct as a student. Her exceptional performance caught the attention of the institution, leading to her being awarded a fully funded scholarship to pursue further studies.

Fueled by her desire to continue her education and broaden her horizons, Verina made the bold decision to enroll in the department of Graphic Design at GCTC. Her passion for creativity and visual communication found its perfect outlet in this field.

As a true testament to her dedication and commitment, Verina volunteered as a trainer at GCTC for two months after completing her studies. This experience further solidified her skills and allowed her to give back to the institution that had played a pivotal role in shaping her career. Impressed by her exceptional performance and teaching abilities, Verina applied for the position of a trainer and was joyfully accepted. Today, she proudly serves as a Secretarial Duties and Office Administration Trainer at Giddis Computer Training Center.

Verina considers herself a living embodiment of the transformative power of GCTC. She is a product, a tested and proven evidence of what this institution can do and is doing for aspiring individuals like herself. With confidence, Verina assures anyone reading her story that choosing GCTC is the right decision for their educational and career aspirations. She wholeheartedly believes in the institution’s ability to provide comprehensive training that guarantees professional success.

GCTC, on the other hand, is equally proud to have Verina as one of its esteemed alumni. She has undeniably become a valuable asset to the company, showcasing firsthand the exceptional quality of education and training offered by the institution. At GCTC, they not only claim to produce the best, but they also consume their own product as proof of their excellence.

For those contemplating their next educational journey, Verina encourages them to take the bold step and register for the upcoming Session 2 at GCTC. The institution is thrilled to announce the reopening of classes on January 8, 2024. Various courses are available to cater to different interests and career paths, including Graphic Design (3 months), Digital Marketing (3 months), Microsoft Applications (3 months), and Microsoft Applications and Management (6 months).

To accommodate different schedules, GCTC offers training sessions in the morning from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and in the evening from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The flexibility of these sessions allows individuals to pursue their passion and gain valuable skills without disrupting their daily routines.

For more information, interested individuals can call 6 73 71 66 33, reach out via WhatsApp at 6 79 77 21 45, or send an email to info@giddiscomputertraining.com. Additionally, they can visit the GCTC website at www.giddiscomputertraining.com, where they will find detailed information about the courses, facilities, and success stories of previous students.

In conclusion, Verina’s story is a shining example of how love at first sight can extend beyond the realm of romance. Her encounter with GCTC ignited a spark within her, leading to a life-changing journey filled with growth, achievement, and a promising future. With GCTC, the choice is clear โ€“ embark on a transformative educational experience that guarantees a fulfilling career.

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