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GCTC Staffs Drill On Telephone, Meeting Etiquette

Felicita Mokube emphasizing on the importance of effective communication

Staffs of Giddis Computer Training Center, GCTC located at Obili in Yaounde have been drilled on telephone and meeting etiquette.

The drilling exercise that took place on February 2, coinciding with the staff monthly meeting. The training of staff meeting was coordinated by Felicita Mokube, Administrative Assistant of GYTEC AFRICA.

Staff during their monthly meeting

During the training, Felicita Mokube emphasized the importance of effective communication for GCTC employees, highlighting the significance of developing active listening skills, maintaining eye contact during conversations, and being fully present and engaged in discussions.

Gilfort F. Fondzenyuy encouraging staffs

In terms of meeting etiquette, Mokube provided valuable insights on the dos and donโ€™ts. She urged teachers to prioritize punctuality, come prepared, dress professionally, speak audibly, actively listen and participate, take turns when speaking, and ask questions at appropriate times, among other guidelines.

Tani Glory, Manager of GCTC

Gilfort Fur Fondzenyuy, the Director of GYTEC AFRICA, commended and encouraged the staff to work collaboratively towards achieving excellence. In response, the staff made a commitment to work diligently and support one another, ultimately fostering the growth of the association.

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