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**Building Tomorrow Today: Celebrating Achievement at Giddis Computer Training Center. Graduation of the 9th and 10th Batch 2023**

**Building Tomorrow Today: Celebrating Achievement at Giddis Computer Training Center**

Giddis Computer Training Center, a leading institution in technology education, celebrated its 9th and 10th Batch Graduation on Saturday, August 5th, 2023. The event was nothing short of amazing as over 50 students were honored for their achievements during their time at Giddis. Partners and esteemed guests graced the occasion to recognize exceptional students who excelled both academically and personally.


The keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony was none other than Lukong Bruno Berinyuy, an influential figure in the tech industry. His inspiring words resonated with the graduating class as he emphasized the importance of building tomorrow’s future today through acquiring relevant skills in technology.

As partners of Giddis Computer Training Center, several organizations played a significant role in making this day a resounding success. C-Life Cameroon presented an award for “Best in Leadership,” recognizing a student who displayed outstanding leadership qualities throughout their training period.

Vitna Media acknowledged excellence by presenting an award for “Best in Punctuality,” honoring a student who consistently demonstrated punctuality and commitment to their studies.


Timely Performance Care Center (TPCC) awarded “Best in Public Speaking” to recognize remarkable oratory skills exhibited by one exceptional student.

Additionally, an Ex-Giddis Ambassador bestowed recognition upon another deserving student with the title of “Giddis Ambassador.” These awards served as motivation for all graduates to strive for excellence beyond the classroom walls.

In line with its mission to empower youth through technology education, GYTEC-Africa provided scholarships to five outstanding students from different backgrounds based on their remarkable results. The recipients were granted the opportunity to choose any course offered at Giddis Computer Training Center without financial constraints. This scholarship initiative was coordinated by The Director of GYTEC-Africa along with support from the Board Chair of GYTEC-Africa.

The graduation ceremony was not only a platform for academic recognition but also a showcase of talent and creativity. Students engaged in various activities, including an engaging debate on the topic “Are parents responsible for their children’s failure?” This thought-provoking discussion allowed students to express their opinions while developing critical thinking skills.

GYTEC-Africa, as part of its commitment to fostering educational opportunities, organized a fashion parade where students showcased their design skills and creativity. The event also featured captivating drama performances that highlighted societal issues and challenges faced by young people today. Echu Joyce delivered powerful spoken word pieces that resonated with everyone in attendance.

To add an unexpected twist to the celebration, a surprise dance performance brought joy and excitement to both graduates and guests alike. The atmosphere was filled with energy as participants reveled in the momentous occasion.

Distinguished officials graced the event with their presence. Fur Gilfort Fondzenyuy, the CEO/Director of GYTEC-Africa, led by example as he encouraged graduates to embrace technology’s transformative power. Lahka Linus, Chairperson of GYTEC-Africa’s Board of Directors (BOD), provided valuable insights into shaping future tech leaders’ paths.

Notable individuals such as Fonyuy Betty – Director of Timely Performance Care Center (TPCC), Eldad Fonyuy – CEO of Vitna Media, and Tata Evans representing C-Life Cameroon added immense value through their support and participation throughout the graduation ceremony.

Not forgetting the Staff who spent sleepless night making sure they impact the students with knowledge and ready for the job market.

Giddis Media captured every memorable moment alongside KPC Production who ensured comprehensive coverage from start to finish. The day commenced at 9:00 am with official photographs capturing smiles full of pride while marking this significant milestone in each graduate’s journey towards success. The festivities concluded at 4:00 pm after an uplifting day filled with celebrations and achievements.

In summary, Giddis Computer Training Center’s 9th and 10th Batch Graduation will be remembered as a remarkable event that showcased the dedication, talents, and accomplishments of its students. Through partnerships, scholarships, engaging activities, and inspiring speeches from industry leaders, Giddis Computer Training Center continues to lay the foundation for building tomorrow’s future today.

As Giddis Computer Training Center looks ahead to future endeavors, it remains committed to empowering individuals with vital tech skills necessary for success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. By equipping students with practical knowledge and fostering a supportive learning environment, Giddis paves the way for tomorrow’s innovators, critical thinkers, and leaders who will shape our world through technology.

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