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From Job Seeker to Empowered Professional: Zifac’s Inspiring Journey at Giddis Computer Training Center (GCTC)

From Job Seeker to Empowered Professional: Zifac’s Inspiring Journey at Giddis Computer Training Center (GCTC)

In today’s competitive job market, having a degree is often not enough to secure employment. This is the story of Zifac, a determined job seeker with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Letters from the University of Yaoundé 1. Despite his educational qualifications, Zifac found himself in the same position as countless others—unemployed and lacking the practical skills demanded by employers. However, his life took a transformative turn when he decided to pursue IT studies at Giddis Computer Training Center (GCTC). This article will delve into Zifac’s inspiring journey from job seeker to full-time employed professional, highlighting the challenges he faced, the skills he acquired, and the impact GCTC had on his life. Zifac’s story serves as a testament to the power of education and determination in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.

Zifac’s Struggle and Turning Point 
After Zifac graduated from university, he soon realized that his degree alone was insufficient to secure a job. Despite his best efforts, he remained jobless, unable to showcase any practical skills apart from his academic certificate. Frustration began to set in, and he felt stuck in a cycle of rejection. But then, a thought occurred to him: why not pursue IT studies? This idea sparked a newfound hope within Zifac, and he embarked on a quest to find a reputable IT center.

Through a friend’s recommendation, Zifac discovered Giddis Computer Training Center (GCTC). Intrigued by the center’s positive reputation, she decided to enroll in the institution. Zifac chose to specialize in secretarial duties, office administration, and management—a field he believed would provide him with versatile skills applicable to various industries.

Challenges and Triumphs at GCTC
Zifac’s journey at GCTC was not without hurdles. The training proved to be rigorous and demanding, pushing her to her limits. However, Zifac’s determination and the unwavering support of his tutors helped him overcome these challenges. With their guidance, he successfully completed his studies, earning certifications that bolstered his resume.

The training at GCTC equipped Zifac with a diverse skill set, including proficiency in graphic design, digital marketing, and Microsoft applications. These skills not only made him a more attractive candidate to potential employers, but they also ignited a passion within him to share his knowledge with others.

Giving Back and Finding Fulfillment
After completing his studies, Zifac realized that he had an opportunity to make a difference. He noticed a vacancy at GCTC and decided to apply, hoping to inspire and empower other young individuals like himself. Thanks to his brilliance, productivity, and the practical skills he gained at GCTC, Zifac was offered a position as a secretarial duties trainer. Today, he takes immense pride in giving back to the institution that transformed his life.

Zifac finds fulfillment in his role as a trainer, as he not only imparts knowledge but also encourages and supports young people who may find themselves in the same jobless situation he once faced. He believes that GCTC offers something invaluable to those seeking to learn and grow professionally. Zifac’s personal journey serves as a testament to the institution’s impact on transforming lives.

Enroll in GCTC and Transform Your Future
Inspired by Zifac’s story? GCTC invites you to take the bold step and join them in the upcoming Session 2, commencing in January 2024. The center offers a range of courses designed to meet the demands of today’s job market:

1. Graphic Design (3 months): Explore the world of visual communication and learn to create captivating designs using industry-standard software.

2. Digital Marketing (3 months): Gain in-demand skills in online marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, and more.

3. Microsoft Applications (3 months): Master the essential tools of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, to enhance your productivity in any professional setting.

4. Microsoft Applications and Management (6 months): Combine the power of Microsoft Applications with comprehensive management skills to become a versatile professional capable of handling various administrative tasks.

GCTC offers flexible training sessions in the morning (8:00 am to 12:00 pm) and evening (3:00 pm to 6:00 pm), allowing individuals to choose a schedule that suits their needs. For more information or to enroll, you can contact GCTC via phone (6 73 71 66 33), WhatsApp (6 79 77 21 45), email: info@giddiscomputertraining.com, or visit their website www.giddiscomputertraining.com

Zifac’s journey from a job seeker with a Bachelor’s Degree to a full-time employed professional is a testament to the transformative power of education and determination. Giddis Computer Training Center played a pivotal role in equipping him with the practical skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Through his story, Zifac encourages others to take the bold step and join GCTC, where they can acquire valuable skills, gain confidence, and unlock a world of opportunities. Don’t let your potential go untapped—embrace the chance to transform your future at GCTC.

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