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Mastering Secretarial Duties and Office Administration at Giddis Computer Training Center: A Comprehensive 1-Year Diploma Program for Aspiring Administrative Professionals


Secretarial Duties and Office Administration


Welcome to Giddis Computer Training Center’s esteemed Secretarial Duties and Office Administration course! In this comprehensive 1-year diploma program, we will take you on an exciting journey through the dynamic world of administrative roles and responsibilities. Whether you are a recent high school graduate aspiring to embark on a rewarding administrative career or a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your administrative skills, this course is thoughtfully designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical expertise needed to excel in the fast-paced office environment.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Office Administration

In this foundational chapter, we will introduce you to the essential concepts of office administration and the crucial role of administrative professionals in modern workplaces. You will gain insights into the various administrative functions, including communication, organization, record-keeping, and office management. With a focus on professionalism and efficiency, you will learn how to create a positive and productive office environment.

Office administration plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of an organization. From coordinating daily activities to managing resources and facilitating communication, administrative professionals are the backbone of any successful office setting. Giddis Computer Training Center’s comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this dynamic and rewarding field.

Chapter 2: Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is the cornerstone of successful office administration. In this chapter, we will explore various communication techniques, both verbal and written, to enhance your interpersonal skills. You will learn how to communicate clearly and confidently, whether it’s drafting emails, handling phone calls, or conducting meetings. Giddis Computer Training Center emphasizes practical exercises and role-playing to help you master effective communication in real-world scenarios.

Communication is the lifeline of any organization, and administrative professionals are at the forefront of relaying information to various stakeholders. In this chapter, you will learn the art of active listening, expressing ideas clearly, and tailoring your communication to suit different audiences. Through interactive workshops and simulated scenarios, you will build your confidence in delivering impactful messages.

Chapter 3: Office Organization and Time Management

In the fast-paced business world, organization and time management are paramount for administrative professionals. This chapter will provide you with invaluable strategies to organize tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and manage time efficiently. From creating schedules and setting deadlines to handling multiple projects simultaneously, you will gain the skills to maintain productivity in a demanding office environment.

Effective time management is crucial for meeting deadlines and ensuring that tasks are completed promptly. In this chapter, you will learn how to identify priorities, allocate time effectively, and overcome common time-wasting pitfalls. Our experienced instructors will guide you in developing personalized time management techniques that align with your unique working style.

Chapter 4: Records Management and Data Entry

Records management is an integral part of office administration, ensuring that essential information is documented, stored, and easily accessible. In this chapter, you will learn how to maintain accurate records, file documents systematically, and ensure data security and confidentiality. Giddis Computer Training Center employs industry-standard software and databases to provide hands-on experience in data entry and records management.

Accurate and organized records are vital for preserving vital information and enabling smooth decision-making processes. In this section, you will learn the importance of data accuracy, proper file naming conventions, and secure data storage. We will also cover electronic records management, introducing you to software tools for efficient data organization.

Chapter 5: Office Equipment and Technology

As an administrative professional, proficiency in office equipment and technology is vital. This chapter will familiarize you with various office tools, including printers, scanners, photocopiers, and fax machines. Additionally, you will gain hands-on experience with office software applications such as Microsoft Office suite and other productivity tools.

Modern offices rely heavily on technology for day-to-day operations. In this chapter, you will learn how to troubleshoot common issues with office equipment and perform routine maintenance tasks. By gaining proficiency in office software applications, you will enhance your productivity and contribute to streamlining office workflows.

Chapter 6: Managing Meetings and Events

Administrative professionals often play a crucial role in organizing and managing meetings, conferences, and events. In this chapter, you will learn the art of coordinating meetings, handling event logistics, and ensuring seamless execution. From sending invitations to preparing meeting agendas and taking minutes, you will be equipped to facilitate successful gatherings in any professional setting.

Effective meeting management is essential for keeping the organization on track and fostering collaboration among team members. In this section, you will learn how to plan meetings, create detailed agendas, and follow up on action items. Our practical exercises will enable you to run efficient and productive meetings that achieve their intended outcomes.

Chapter 7: Business Etiquette and Professionalism of Secretarial Duties and Office Administration course

Professionalism and business etiquette are essential attributes of administrative professionals. In this chapter, you will discover the importance of maintaining a professional demeanor and exhibiting proper workplace etiquette. We will cover topics such as dress code, networking, handling conflicts, and interacting with clients, ensuring that you represent your organization with grace and professionalism.

Professionalism goes beyond appearances; it encompasses behavior, attitude, and ethical conduct. In this section, you will learn how to maintain a positive work environment, resolve conflicts diplomatically, and handle challenging situations with composure. Our workshops and real-life simulations will prepare you to handle various workplace scenarios confidently.

Chapter 8: Customer Service and Relationship Management

Effective customer service is a crucial aspect of office administration, especially in roles that involve direct interactions with clients or customers. In this chapter, you will learn the principles of excellent customer service and relationship management. Giddis Computer Training Center emphasizes empathy and effective communication to help you build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders.

Customer service is the heart of any business, and administrative professionals are often the first point of contact for clients. In this section, you will learn the importance of providing exceptional customer service and exceeding client expectations. Our practical exercises will equip you with active listening skills and techniques for managing difficult customer interactions.

Chapter 9: Financial Administration and Budgeting of the Secretarial Duties and Office Administration course

Financial administration is an integral part of office management, and administrative professionals often handle budgeting and expense tracking. In this chapter, you will gain an understanding of financial administration principles, budget creation, and expense monitoring. You will learn how to manage office finances efficiently and contribute to the financial well-being of your organization.

Financial administration is a crucial responsibility, requiring meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. In this section, you will learn how to create budgets, track expenses, and analyze financial data to support informed decision-making. Our instructors will guide you through financial software applications and tools commonly used in office environments.

Chapter 10: Office Ethics and Confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality and upholding ethical standards are of utmost importance for administrative professionals. This chapter will focus on the ethical considerations that come with handling sensitive information and ensuring data security. You will learn to uphold confidentiality and integrity in all aspects of your administrative responsibilities.

Ethical conduct is a cornerstone of trust and integrity in any workplace. In this section, you will explore the ethical challenges that administrative professionals may encounter and learn strategies for making ethical decisions. Our practical scenarios will help you navigate ethical dilemmas with integrity and professionalism.


Congratulations on completing the Secretarial Duties and Office Administration course at Giddis Computer Training Center! You have embarked on a transformative journey that has equipped you with the knowledge and skills to excel as an administrative professional in any organization.

As you venture into your professional career, remember that office administration is not just about managing tasks but also about fostering positive relationships, providing excellent service, and upholding ethical standards. Your role as an administrative professional is critical in facilitating the smooth operation of an organization and supporting its overall success.

Join us at Giddis Computer Training Center, where we nurture aspiring administrative professionals to become competent, confident, and efficient in their roles. Let your administrative journey continue with us as you embark on an exciting and rewarding career in the world of office administration. Together, we will shape a future of success and excellence in the administrative landscape.

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